Aloe Skin Repair Gel
Basic Red
Stop Red Gel
Black Indigo Pigment
Scars Thinner Gel
Fade Away Gel
Calypso Brown Pigment
2Black Pigment
Neutralizer Gel
Pain Freeze Gel

Why Corona Colors?

Primarily, we use only high quality certified US raw materials to ensure safety and health control.

We use:

  • high precision grinding mills for our pigment and it's particles have an identical size 3-5 micrometers each. This size is proven to be ideal for permanent makeup.
  • powerful American and Italian made industrial mixers. This gives our pigment a guarantee of perfect dispersion and homogenious composition.
  • best vehicle for our mixtures - it is glycerine with isopropyl alcohol. Water-based pigments are subject for easy contamination, when glycerine is bacterial neutral and isopropanol kills all germs. Alcohol-only based pigments turns into dry powder in minutes. Glycerine never dryes. Sorbitol based pigments can get thicker, when glycerine fluidity is stable.
  • easy coloristic guide to explain how to mix our pigment properly to acheive better results and natural colors of brows, lips and eyelids.

We thoroughly manufacture our gels, creams and balms. We developed easy to use care system which makes each stage of the procedure more comfortable and effective. It lowers pain, makes colors more stable, ensures antibacterial safety and accelerates regeneration after procedure.

Our permanent makeup machines are easy, simple and powerful. We use thick aviation lube for transmission which makes them long living and quiet. Disposable single-use cartrides guarantee needle sterility and sharpness. Power supply wire is reinforced and we pack all stuff in a fancy metal box.